About Us

Since its founding in 2006, Extant Arts Company has produced high-quality productions from the classical canon coupled with exciting and profound new work in venues throughout the New York metropolitan area. Committed to continued engagement with enduring stories, Extant Arts' dedicated artists and staff have explored the works of such luminaries as Euripides, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Ibsen, Feydeau, and Schnitzler, as well as contemporary voices like Rebecca Gilman, and Ellen McLaughlin, all while working with schools to foster a passion for theatre in the next generation.

Extant's Company Mission: Extant Arts Company is dedicated to engaging audiences in a welcoming, challenging, rigorous and free-wheeling conversation about our shared stories. By combining excellent productions of enduring works from diverse traditions with the development of innovative projects that speak directly to the way we live now, our goal is to dream a more creative, dynamic, and resilient community into being.