Love's Labour's Lost

When and Where

6:30pm July 24th-26th; 3:30pm June 26th

Mineral Springs in Central Park (ABCD1 to 59th, NRQW to 57th, or BC to 72nd; Directions can be found at

Join the comedic confusions of Extant Arts' mischievous men and wily women in Central Park this July at William Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost!

No Sooner have the King of Navarre and his three comrades-in-study sworn an oath of celibacy than the Princess of France and her lovely ladies arrive to test their resolve. Meanwhile, a Spaniard on his way to court falls hopelessly in love with a local peasant and arrests her clownish companion, who is enlisted to carry letters between the lovers. Amid oaths proved false, letters gone awry, favors falsely worn, and meaning itself made murky, how can love survive? And what the heck does any of it have to do with Moscow or the Maccabees?

Bring a camp chair and your curiosity to Central Park's beautiful Mineral Springs this July 24-26 to find out at Extant Arts Company's lively and original production of Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost!

Cast and Crew

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Greg Taubman

Stage Manager: Josh Zeitlin
Costumer: Nina Lourie
Composer: Paulo Quiros
Choreographer: Anna Lindow

Featuring Pete Caslavka, Lauren Nordvig, Pitr Strait, Justin Gallo, Jon Ginn, Alexander Richard, James Underwood, Jake Green, Jenifer Borntrager, Alex Demers, Andy Hoover, Melinda Stewart, Kris Wiener, Jeff Brown, Keely Kate Williams, Maria Alegre, Nicole Greenbaum, and Paulo Quiros.