The Tempest

When and Where

6:30pm June 26th-28th; 3:30pm June 28th

Mineral Springs in Central Park (ABCD1 to 59th, NRQW to 57th, or BC to 72nd; Directions can be found at on Google Maps)

Extant Arts Company invites you to take a summer island getaway in Central Park with the airy charms and spritely tricks of William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Prospero, exiled Duke and shaper of the arcane arts, has raised the wild seas and Jove's lightning to wreck the ship carrying the lords who betrayed him years ago. As his unwitting enemies wash up on shore, Prospero leads them to and fro in a dazzling and dizzying game of confusion and conspiracy. With the aid of magical powers and otherworldly spirits, he strikes fear into the hearts of wicked men, spins clowns, drunks, and monsters into delusions of grandeur, and fans the flames of young love between his innocent daughter and the castaway price. In less than a day, Prospero and his servants will make the old world new again and make all things right once more.

Set in 20th-century dress and staged in promenade at various locations in Central Park's beautiful Mineral Springs, Extant Arts' Tempest weaves the magic of music, dance, and romance to release the free and wild spirit that lives inside Shakespeare's classic. Bring a camp chair and a sense of wonder; prepare to be swept away by The Tempest!

Cast and Crew

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Pitr Strait

Stage Manager: Gina Costagliola
Costume Designer: Nina Lourie
Choreographer: Anna Lindow
Composer: Paulo Quiros

Featuring Ben Sterling, Lauren Nordvig, Jon Ginn, Alicia Hunt, Justin Gallo, Jeff Brown, Bridget Durkin, Jake Green, Will Winner, Chas Carey, James Underwood, Nina Lourie, Maria Alegre, Nicole Greenbaum, Paulo Quiros, and Anna Lindow