A Midsummer Night's Dream

When and Where

6pm July 9th-13th

Mineral Springs in Central Park (West 69th Street)

Extant Arts Company invites you to enjoy a pleasant summer evening in Central Park with the foolish mortals and airy spirits of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The King and Queen of the fairies, squared in conflict, send the natural world spinning off its axis; the Mortal Duke Theseus prepares to wed his captured bride Hippolyta; a group of well-meaning misfits rehearse a play to honor the nuptial; and in an attempt to elope the young lovers, Lysander and Hermia flee Athens pursued by Lysander's rival, Demetrius, and his heartbroken admirer, Helena. Confusion and comedy collide when they all meet in a nearby wood, where desire, hate, and one's own shape become as changeable as shadows in the wind, and love itself indistinguishable from madness.

Set in modern dress and artfully staged in promenade at various locations in Central Park's Mineral Springs, Extant Arts' Midsummer provides an engaging, and transporting, and wholly immersive experience of this beloved classic. Bring a camp chair and a sense of adventure: this midsummmer's Midsummer will move you like no other!

Cast and Crew

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Greg Taubman

Asst. Director: Kira Blaskovich
Stage Manager: Molly Zimmelman
Costume Designer: Emma Worth

Featuring Maria Alegre, Chris Blim, Jeff Brown, Paul Casali, Alex Demers, Kristena Dunn, Courtney Esser, Ralph Fontaine, Justin Gallo, Nicole Greenbaum, Anna Lewis, Paulo Quiros and Ben Sterling.