Three Sisters

When and Where

April 9-13, 2008 (Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat at 8pm; Sat at 2pm, Sun at 3pm)

The Algonquin Theatre, 123 E. 24th Street, New York, NY

The romantic fantasy of life’s fulfillment in love, home and work is paralyzing, resulting in the inability to move forward. These elements of human life endure, from Chekhov’s world to ours. Extant Arts’ production focuses on Chekhov’s characters as people to which a contemporary audience can relate, demonstrating the timelessness, and even humor, of this classic play.

Van Itallie’s version of the play, favored and prized for its fresh clarity, invigorates the text, making Chekhov’s spirit alive and familiar. Nancy Gabor directs.

Nancy Gabor directed many Chekhov plays in the US and in Europe and has worked with playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie on various projects through the years. She collaborated with the renowned Joseph Chaikin, the founder of The Open Theatre. She directed him in performances of Texts for Nothing by Beckett, in a European tour, and in a double-bill of Struck Dumb by Jean-Claude van Itallie and The War In Heaven by Sam Shepard at the American Place Theater, and in Europe. Currently, Nancy Gabor is a lecturer in the Program of Theatre and Dance at Princeton University.

Chekhov's Three Sisters is everything an Extant Arts show should be: it has endured for over 100 years, while remaining relevant to real families' contemporary concerns. Whether by reflecting on hope for the future as a means of forgetting the present, or addressing the very real concern of losing one's home, Three Sisters can speak to life as it is lived in America today. Nancy Gabor is a master at revealing these themes by teasing out the life and human backbone out of the play. Extant's Three Sisters is not just another remount in period costumes, but a vibrant, living piece of theatre. As such, the themes of a century-old drama become as immediate to today as the actors in front of you.

Cast and Crew

Written by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Nancy Gabor

Stage Manager/Casting - Jennifer Ajemian
Assistant Stage Manager - Kristena Dunn
Lighting & Sound Design - Pitr Strait
Set Design - Joe Powell
Costume Design - Kristin Fiebig
Graphic Design - Sarah Outhwaite
Publicist - Paul Casali

Featuring Kira Blaskovich, Paul Bomba, Paul Casali, Paul de Cordova, Alex Demers, Nathan Freeman, Nicole Greenbaum, Max Lodge, Paulo Quiros, Katie Rayle, Amanda Sayle, Ben Sterling, Joe Stipeck, Maureen Van Trease and Emma Worth.