La Ronde

When and Where

Friday, 7/6 at 8pm, Saturday 7/7 at 2pm and 8pm, Sunday, 7/8 at 2pm

Times Square Arts Center – The Loft on 43rd – 300 W. 43rd St., 3rd Floor

Depicting the intimate moments that immediately precede and follow ten sexual encounters, La Ronde scandalized Viennese audiences when it first opened in 1921. Tracing these liaisons through shared partners (Whore and Soldier, Soldier and Maid, Maid and Student etc.), the play emphasizes at once the interconnectedness of relationships, and the isolation of individual lives. La Ronde presents its subjects in brutal honesty, with scenes running the gamut from caring, to creepy, to downright cold. Abstractly presented on a set of pillows, sheets, and blankets, director Greg Taubman’s staging highlights the relationships between Schnitzler’s complex characters, giving energy and life to the dynamics of human sexuality.

Cast and Crew

Written by Arthur Schnitzler

Directed by Greg Taubman

Featuring Anna Lewis, Joe Kolbow, Melissa Briggs, Jeff Brown, Emma Worth, Jonathan Neil, Maria Alegre, Paulo Quiros, Kari Swenson Reily and Greg Taubman