When and Where

Uptown Run:

ANTIGONE: 9pm 10/17, 8pm 10/18 & 10/20
PROGENY: 6:30pm 10/17, 8pm 10/19, 2pm 10/20

Riverside Theatre, 91 Claremont Avenue, NYC

Downtown Run:

Thursday 11/29 - 7pm Progeny, 9:30 Antigone
Friday 11/30 - 8pm Antigone
Saturday 12/1 - 8pm Progeny
Sunday 12/2 - 7pm Antigone

Thursday 12/6 - 7pm Antigone
Friday 12/7 - 8pm Progeny
Saturday 12/8 - 2pm Progeny, 8pm Antigone
Sunday 12/9 - 2pm Progeny

The Connelly Theater
220 East 4th Street
New York NY 10009

A New Translation of Sophocles
By Sarah Sharp with Greg Taubman


By Greg Taubman

Two millennia ago: a king struggles to reunify his city while a princess's dissent threatens to reopen the wounds of civil war. To whom do the dead belong?

Today: a governor announces a new stance on abortion, only to find his niece staging a hunger strike in protest. Who decides when life begins?

Rehearsed and performed in repertory, these two plays provide a one-of-a-kind reckoning with the costs of certainty and the continued resonance of the original story of nonviolent protest.

Show Showdown
Studio 202

Cast and Crew

Directed by Greg Taubman

Production Team:

Lead Translator Sarah Sharp
Producers Chie Morita & Courtney Harge
Set Designer Anshuman Bhatia
Costume Designer Lux Haac
Lighting Designer Elizabeth A Coco
Composer / Sound Designer Shane Parks
Choreographer Allison Brzezinski

Stage Manager Alexandra Hall
Fight Choreographer Teddy Lytle
Marketing Manager Glenn DeKler


Virginia Baeta Jack Berenholtz Rick Busser
Petra Denison Nicole Greenbaum Brandon Harris
Zane Johnston Russell Jordan* Teresa Lotz (Violin)
Tony Neil* Maureen O'Boyle
Quinn Warren Aden Ramsey (Guitar)

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors Equity Association